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How we helped a client move beyond filling gaps to securing their future.


For more than 20 years, we’ve helped leaders from around the world prepare for their next normal through seeing, understanding and seizing the opportunities found in volatility. Whether you are transforming your whole organization or your leadership team, we’ll help you approach the challenge with confidence, capacity and curiosity.

Leadership 2.0
How we helped a large Silicon Valley company upgrade their leadership team.

Our core capabilities are diagnosis, solution design, and delivery. We are also experts in organizational change and work with you to create truly customized solutions specific to your strategy, culture, and context. Here's where we excel:


Succession & Leadership Assessment

We evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make hiring and promotion decisions faster and with more confidence.

Executive Coaching 

We advise executives on how to lead, innovate, and adapt to volatile markets, changing industries and uncharted waters.

Leadership Development 

We build and implement custom learning journeys for your senior teams
and executives.

Agile & Inclusive Cultures 

We help companies anticipate and adapt to disruption by building agile and inclusive cultures.

A Future Rooted in Development
How we helped a client move beyond filling gaps to securing their future.
Reeingineering a Leadership Team
How we helped a Fortune 500 manufacturing conglomerate prepare for an organizational overhaul.
Enterprise-level Solutions
How we helped a Fortune 100 organization pivot to a new business model.


We founded EDC on the belief that experience, pragmatism and caring should be the bedrock of our firm.  As experts in the field with over twenty years of experience, we wanted to create a place where we could do the best work of our lives with people we like and respect.


We are committed to practicing what we teach our clients - that hard work, collaboration, humility, compassion and openness to change are what differentiate strong performance. We strive to live these values in everything we do.


All of us at EDC have worked with CEOs, executive teams, and boards of Fortune 500 companies. Many of us have built and led businesses, giving us first hand experience with the challenges our clients face. Clients tell us that they choose to work with us because we are credible without being arrogant or rigid.


Our goal is to create value in every interaction with our clients - but, we know that just because we are experts doesn’t mean we have all the answers. It does mean we know how to help you find them.

           I choose to work with the people of EDC because of the relationship we have developed. I have recommended them to others and the feedback is always stellar. With their experience and pedigree - they all do outstanding work - they are easy to work with, easy to recommend.

-VP of Talent

EDC Client



Just a few of the organizations we have worked with over the years.


Meet our team of thought partners. With backgrounds in social psychology, finance, management and operations, we have the experience and expertise to tackle your most challenging leadership problems.


Clients often comment on the natural comradery and energy that emanates from our team.  This means the world to us because we believe that while work may be hard, it should also be fun.

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