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Ron Meeks
Managing Partner

For the past 20 years, Ron Meeks has guided and supported global clients such as Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Exelon, and Daimler AG in their strategies for developing senior leadership talent. Focusing on executive teams and boards, Ron uses his past experience as a line executive to design and deliver customized sessions that bring together strategy and leadership development.


Ron is well regarded for his business-based diagnostic skills as well as his ability to facilitate intensive, provocative forums that drive leadership learning. For the past few years, he has emphasized helping leaders navigate volatile and uncertain markets, create conditions for innovation, and build enterprise senior leaders.


Ron always stresses the importance of linking executive development to the strategies of an organization. He routinely challenges his clients to be very clear about the question: “What type of leadership is needed now?” In 2008 and 2009, Ron co-edited the Pfeiffer Annual: Leadership Development along with Drs. Cairo, Dotlich, and Rhinesmith, bringing together a collection of leadership development approaches to address growth, innovation, and globalization.


Ron’s interest in leadership development and change management comes from his experience in varied line-management and staff roles within Hoechst AG, formerly one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and chemical companies. During his 18 years at various companies of The Hoechst Group, Ron concentrated his leadership efforts on driving change in organizations to achieve and maintain competitive leadership positions.


As a line executive, Ron co-led two major business turnarounds, primarily through improving the capabilities of the leadership teams, the people, and the organizational commitment and interaction. In each case, the organizations emerged much more flexible and competitive. It was through these experiences that Ron derived a passion for and belief in the power of strategically focused talent. In staff roles, Ron led the executive and leadership development programs at Hoechst Celanese Corporation, concentrating on senior-management levels and high-potential talent. His background includes a two-year assignment with Hoechst in Germany, where he became fluent in speaking, reading, and writing German.


Ron holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from Clemson University. He currently lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where he enjoys spending time with his wife, their four adult children and one granddaughter.

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