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Khushali Kohli

Khushali has over 20 years of experience delivering leadership advisory services and overseeing recruitment across all grades, including Equity Partner and C-suite candidates.  As a qualified coach, Khushali has coached senior lateral hires, new executive promotes and individuals going through the promotion cycle across a broad and diverse range of industries.  Khushali has significant experience within the Professional and Financial Services sector, having previously worked for companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, UBS, Merrill Lynch and Arthur Anderson.  


Khushali is tremendously passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their full potential by enhancing self-awareness, leveraging inherent strengths, adapting to difficult or evolving environments and impacting change through deliberate and purposeful actions.


Khushali utilises her expertise and broad skill set to accelerate leadership impact.  She provides psychometric personality assessment and executive coaching for individuals, teams and organisations to effectively support, develop and enhance leadership capabilities.  Khushali supports senior lateral hires to immediately add value to their new organisations, teams, key stakeholders, and clients.  She also coaches long-standing Executives to accept and excel at the next challenge in their role, enhance their skill sets and achieve meaningful outcomes.


In addition to her various consulting roles, as an Associate with the Center for Creative Leadership, a top-ranked global, non-profit provider of leadership development, Khushali continues to coach senior leaders across both Europe and the Middle East.


She has a clear understanding of ‘what good looks like’ and what it takes to succeed in global organisations with complex matrix structures.  Khushali has an expertise in supporting Executives to lead across the globe given her unique multicultural perspective.  Khushali was born in India, raised in the US and has subsequently worked in both the US and UK within global firms advising international clients.


Khushali grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Finance and Economics.  She is a qualified coach certified in the Hogan suite of assessments, FIRO-B and WorkPlace Big Five.  Khushali has been living in the UK, just outside of London, for the past 18 years and is married with two children, both girls (age 12 and 4).  In her spare time, she enjoys running and attending karate class with her older daughter…her 4-year-old may soon join the class as well!

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