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Caroline McCabe, Psy.D.

Caroline’s coaching facilitates integration of a client’s unique capabilities with business and leadership opportunities.  While near term goals are important, she is equally focused on longer term career trajectories and key individual milestones. Caroline draws upon her extensive knowledge and practice of psychology and utilizes cutting edge performance techniques to enable a client’s impact and growth. She is experienced in aligning and maximizing talent around key business imperatives and strengthening the effectiveness of executive teams. She specializes in work with senior executives identified as key successors.

From 2010 through 2020, Caroline worked at Cisco leading  the executive assessment practice for the Global Executive Development Team.  She has assessed and coached executives and teams on six continents across functions including Engineering, Sales, Services, and Corporate Functions. She has also held internal roles in Biotech and Fintech companies. Her career began as a management consultant in the Boston office of RHR International, a global firm of psychologists specializing in executive talent management.

Caroline has her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the William James College of Psychology, and completed her post doctoral fellowship and internship via Harvard University Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry.  She is a certified Advanced Neurozone coach, certified Strengths coach, member of the American Psychological Association, and a member of the Institute of Coaching.

Through her formative years, Caroline rode horses and competed nationally.  Her interest and practice of neuroscience and centered leadership arose when she was coached to use the skills to improve her performance and partnership with her horse.  Today, she regularly integrates these skills with her clients.  In her spare time, Caroline enjoys adventuring with her family.

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